I Was Asked “Is It Safe?” - - But How Could I Convince Him That It Was?

Posted by Ben Mangan on Sep 19, 2019

I Was Asked “Is It Safe?” - - But How Could I Convince Him That It Was?

Deep in thought as I finished typing my meeting summary, I was startled by the hulking figure that engulfed the entire entrance of my office door. “Is it safe?” he snarled. Stepping forward, he pounded my desk once loudly and repeated: “IS IT SAFE?” With no possibility of escaping either my desk or my questioner, I had no choice but to answer. “It is safe,” I retorted. Momentarily taken aback, he recomposed himself and countered, “Prove it.” I silently slid the colorful catalog across the desk’s surface. He picked it up and studied it. “Mancomm?”

“Mancomm," I said. "We’re safe because they offer hundreds of incredibly effective regulatory reference guides and training tools. They update their materials frequently, capturing the latest regulatory updates.” He stared at me, nodding slowly, as I continued, “Businesses and employees across the country rely on Mancomm to become – and stay - compliant with the most recent industry safety regulations. Including ours - I order all our company’s safety and compliance materials from Mancomm. So does every smart Safety Manager and Compliance Professional I know.”

Like you! 

Thank you for making Mancomm your safety and compliance resource; we appreciate your business and strive to produce the finest products available today.

To that end, as we continue to expand our product lineup, we’ve put Mancomm’s extensive collection of safety and regulatory publications online, in our Comprehensive Online Regulatory Reference Access Library (CORRAL). CORRAL offers a vast array of safety and regulation resources digitally, on demand, and in one place. CORRAL instantly delivers the safety and regulatory materials that managers, supervisors, trainers and employees require to do their jobs well and comply with OSHA and other safety standards. This library provides immediate, unlimited digital access to a suite of safety handbooks, training guides, educational material, compliance guides, reference guides and regulatory information.

At $199 per month for company-wide access, CORRAL is cost-effective, provides instant access to millions of safety and regulation information points, has an easy-to-use search functionality, and can be accessed any time, from any internet-connected computer. Please give us a call if you are interested in seeing a demo of CORRAL. Anyone requesting a demo in September is eligible to receive the first 6 months of their subscription for $99 a month! Call us at (800) MANCOMM (800-626-2666) for more information and to request a demonstration.

Stay safe,

Ben Mangan, President