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New Amendment for Oil Refineries

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Approved July 28, 2017, Cal/OSHA §5189.1, Process Safety Management for Petroleum Refineries, has been added to Cal/OSHA Article 109, Hazardous Substances and Processes, within section 5189, Process Safety Management of Acutely Hazardous Materials. This becomes effective October 1, 2017.

Process Safety Management for Petroleum Refineries is an amendment that incorporates the recommendations from the Governor’s Interagency Working Group on Refinery Safety report.

§5189.1 includes regulations considered essential to the safe operation of a petroleum refinery:
Applying a hierarchy of controls to implement first- and second-order inherent safety measures A first-order inherent safety measure eliminates a hazard and a second-order inherent safety measure reduces a hazard.
Conducting damage mechanism reviews A Damage Mechanism Review, or DMR, must be completed for every existing and new process for which a damage mechanism exists.
Applying rigorous safeguard protection analyses A Safeguard Protection Analysis, or SPA, is another type of report that can be part of a Process Hazard Analysis, or exist on its own, that determines the effectiveness of existing individual and combined safeguards.
Integrating human factors and safety culture assessments into safety planning Human factors include a variety of environmental and individual characteristics. A Process Safety Culture Assessment, or PSCA, evaluates the effectiveness of various elements of process safety leadership. Both are used in safety planning.
Involving front-line employees in decision-making New regulations will help employees who have firsthand contact with hazards to make safer decisions.
Conducting root-cause analysis following significant incidents A Root Cause Analysis determines the initiating causes of an incident, and must be prepared following any incident.
Performing comprehensive hazard analyses related to processes A Process Hazard Analysis, or PHA, must be completed to evaluate and control hazards associated with each process.

These additions are included in MANCOMM’s July release of our Cal/OSHA General Industry and Electrical Safety Orders regulation books. This edition contains the text submitted for Board Consideration, not the final approved text.

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