Employee Safety Handbook: General Industry

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Mancomm’s Employee Safety Handbooks provide awareness-level information across several safety and health-related topic areas pertinent to general industry and construction workplaces. The goal is providing an easy-to-read reference guide for all employees to enhance their understanding of safety principles, specific rules, potential workplace hazards, and accident prevention techniques that may be used throughout their workday or when confronted by potential dangers.

The handbooks will help to reinforce your workforce in safety training (and re-training) of requirements, duties, and recommendations. This book should be used to augment employer-provided safety- and health-focused programs, plans, processes, and equipment and was designed to be paired with the Mancomm’s Trainer’s Supplement. Rather than addressing all the possible areas of training in the OSHA regulations, the Trainer’s Supplement and this Handbook focus on the most important general areas for training in the modern workplace.

• 216 pages
• Simple-to-read format, color photos, and Topic Quizzes
• Portable size makes it a super convenient reference tool for you employees
• Select facts, data, definitions, requirements, rules, recommendations, protective measures, and insights all with your company’s safety and health in mind.
• Provides Immediate access to 18 critical topics in General Industry:

    • Back Safety
    • Bloodborne Pathogens
    • Chemical Hazardous Waste Spills (First Responders Awareness Level Only)
    • Confined Spaces
    • Electrical Safety (Awareness Level Only)
    • Ergonomics
    • Fire Safety and Emergency Evacuation
    • Forklift Safety
    • Hand and Power Tool Safety
    • Hazard Communication
    • Hearing Protection
    • Lock-Out/Tag-Out
    • Office Safety
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • Respiratory Protection
    • Walking and Working Surfaces
    • Welding, Cutting, and Brazing Safety
    • Workplace Violence Prevention

Trainer Supplement Includes:

An overview of basic tips and techniques for training employees
Purpose and Scope of the Requirements: Gives a broad overview of the reason for and application of the safety requirements.
Common Misconceptions: Discusses and dispels some common misconceptions concerning the requirements and applicable subject matter.
Pointers and Practical Tips: Identifies potential problem areas and provides practical suggestions to improve training.
Recommended Activities: Suggests activities to provide live demonstrations of the standard’s requirements to employees.
Regulatory Requirements: Outlines the specific training requirements.
Handbook Quiz Answers: Provides correct answers to the handbook’s 10-question quiz.

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