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FMCSR+ e1 (03/24)

by Mancomm
SKU: 47B-002-47-PB
ISBN: 9781663802484
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Updated Through March 2024

Transportation industry employers and administrators can now easily access and understand regulations concerning them, as well as those of their drivers. Made with Mancomm's RegLogic CFR™, the DOT FMCSR+ Plus Edition helps you find Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations with ease. FMCSR Plus applies to transportation industry administrators and enforcers of regulations. Includes Parts 40, 325-399, and Appendices A-G to Subchapter B.  This manual also includes revisions to the hours of service (HOS) regulations.

Book Details:

• 8.5" x 11" softcover book
• Enhanced with RegLogic CFR™
• 449 pages
• 34 illustrations 
• 53 tables 
• 29 forms 

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