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Regs2Go 2.0 Annual Subscription

by Mancomm
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$109.89 - $219.89
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Regs2Go 2.0 is the subscription edition of the Mancomm regulations manuals. We use our proprietary trade style– RegLogic CFR™ – to take dense government safety regulations and simplify and organize them for easy understanding. When you purchase Regs2go 2.0, you will receive a unique serial number to easily log in online. It is the only way to get a portable, clear context of regulations as a quick reference from your cell phone, tablet, or laptop.

Stay updated on current rules. 

We import and process data from the Government Printing Office daily, making Regs2go more recent and more accurate than even the government websites.

Find the standards your students need easily.

Simple summaries, robust search function, and unique formatting makes finding the standards you need easier than or the ECFR.

Enrich your students' knowledge.

Regs2go is enriched with insights from industry experts and the government's Letters of Interpretation-each displayed in an easy to understand view.

Your digital library.

With Regs2go 2.0, get access to a library of books and regulations including 1910, 1926, FMCSR, Hazmat, and more.