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Significantly improve your company culture.

Significantly improve your company culture.

Make your workplace safer, and improve the relationship between your employees and management ...

... all at once.

With less time training, better retention, and more time being productive.

He was in over his head...

Imagine a technician named Alex, who works at a busy workplace much like yours. Alex often felt overwhelmed by the complex safety manuals and was hesitant to ask for clarifications, fearing it might reflect poorly on his competence. This is a common scenario where critical safety information can be misunderstood or overlooked, leading to potential hazards.

When Alex's team adopted Mancomm's Hazard Elimination And Recognition Training (HEART) program, they were introduced to Segues. For the first time, Alex found safety instructions that were clear, easy to understand, and most importantly, relevant. He no longer needed to sift through thousands of regulations to find what applied to his situation. The guidance was straightforward, like 'Do not block aisles or passageways,' something so simple yet often overlooked.

Using Segues resulted in real change. Alex began to report issues promptly, and this resulted in positive changes for everyone. His supervisors, noticing this proactive approach, praised his initiative and attention. This recognition fostered a sense of respect and trust between Alex and his managers. Workers started to feel more valued and heard, knowing that their safety and input were taken seriously.

The implementation of HEART did more than just improve safety; it transformed the workplace culture. There was a noticeable increase in mutual respect and trust between management and the workforce. This positive
environment not only enhanced safety but also boosted overall morale and productivity. Alex’s story is a testament to how simple, clear communication can build a stronger, more cohesive team.

Segues do 5 things:

  1. Builds a culture of trust and respect.
  2. Provides clear, relevant, and easy-to-understand training.
  3. Boosts morale, productivity, and communication.
  4. Creates a safer, more open work environment.
  5. Makes an investment in your people.

For example...

General Industry Segue 1:4 says: "Do not block an aisle or passageway."

General Industry Segue 1:4...

1. Builds a culture of trust and respect

  • Demonstrates management's commitment to employee safety by prioritizing clear aisles, thereby showing that they value and respect employees' well-being.
  • Fosters respect for employees’ right to a safe environment by actively maintaining clear and safe pathways, making safety a shared responsibility.
  • Encourages trust in employees to follow and uphold safety standards by empowering them to contribute to a safe workplace through simple, actionable steps.

2. Provides clear, relevant, and easy-to-understand training

  • Offers straightforward, actionable advice: “Keep aisles and passageways clear,” by simplifying safety protocols into clear and easily remembered instructions.
  • Ensures clarity in safety communication, accessible to all employees, by using direct and uncomplicated language that avoids confusion.
  • Integrates easily into safety training, enhancing understanding and compliance, by providing a tangible, visible example of safety best practices.

3. Boosts morale, productivity, and communication

  • Enhances morale by providing a safe, organized work environment, by creating a sense of order and predictability that reduces stress.
  • Boosts productivity through reduced accidents and increased focus, by minimizing disruptions and potential hazards that can impede work efficiency.
  • Improves communication, fostering a culture of safety and collaboration, by establishing clear safety practices as a common goal for all employees.

4. Creates a safer, more open work environment

  • Prevents accidents by maintaining clear pathways for movement, thereby reducing the risk of injuries due to obstructions or clutter.
  • Facilitates swift response in emergencies, improving overall safety, by ensuring that escape routes and access areas are unobstructed.
  • Promotes collective responsibility and mindfulness about shared workspaces by encouraging everyone to play a part in maintaining clear aisles.

5. Makes an investment in your people

  • Shows a commitment to workers' safety and comfort by consistently enforcing and reminding of the clear aisle policy, demonstrating that their safety is a priority.
  • Reflects management’s dedication to maintaining a hazard-free workplace by regularly monitoring and addressing any issues that could obstruct aisles and passageways.

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Mancomm HEART Segues

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