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CMV Operator Instructor Series DVDs

by Mancomm
SKU: 47V-308-01
ISBN: 688550502412
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If you need refresher training or are studying for your CDL tests, the Commercial Motor Vehicle Operator Instruction DVD Series contains vital information for you. This complete training system covers the questions you'll need to answer to pass the DOT driving tests. The videos demonstrate the important principles of each topic, using real-life truck footage and computer animation. Whether you are studying for your CDL test or need an additional training, the Commercial Motor Vehicle Operator DVD Series contains vital information for you.

Vol. 1 Pre-Trip Inspection: A complete Pre-Trip Inspection of your vehicle helps make sure you reach your destination and get back home safely. This DVD gives you a step-by-step overview of what to check before starting a run. Points covered include: what to look for, inside the cab and out; the proper way to check tires, rims and lug nuts; air brakes and slack adjusters; steering assembly and suspension; and much more.

Vol. 2 General or Core Knowledge: Get the basic facts every commercial motor vehicle operator must know on this DVD program, including: the general requirements of Class A drivers; lights, mirrors and turn signals; stopping and turning; safe driving; controlled substances; breakdowns and emergency situations; and more. This program contains essential knowledge for both experienced drivers and trainees studying for their CDL.

Vol. 3 Combination: Tractor & Trailer: A semi tractor pulling a trailer handles far differently from an automobile or straight truck. This MANCOMM DVD is a great learning tool for both experienced drivers and trainees. This DVD gives you vital facts on combinations and demonstrates key procedures, including: hooking and unhooking trailers; different air lines and their uses; care of glad hands; driving safety; and much more.

Vol. 4 Air Brakes: The air brake system is a vital component of a commercial motor vehicle. This DVD program will show you the air brake system's parts and what they do, and explain critical concepts like "brake lag" and "brake fade." You'll get the facts on how to inspect and test air brakes and much more. If you use air brakes, you need this vital training tool.

Vol. 5 Tankers: Operating a tank vehicle is an entirely different experience from any other type of driving. Get the facts you need on the different types of tankers and how they handle. The Tankers DVD graphically demonstrates important concepts like "liquid surge" and "outage," as well as the special requirements of driving, loading, and placarding tankers. This is a must-see presentation for all tank vehicle drivers.