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EOS Construction 10-hr. Trainee Edition (d 2023)

by Mancomm
SKU: 38K-101-09
ISBN: 9781663802125
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*Essentials of Safety: 10-Hour & 30-Hour Construction Industry Trainee Packages are available after purchasing the Essentials of Safety Trainer Subscription.

The highly anticipated and most complete OSHA 10-Hour and 30-Hour Construction Training Management System in history is now complete and ready to ship immediately. After years of research, editing, designing, and review by construction industry experts, safety professionals, and academics alike, Mancomm is extremely proud to present the Essentials of Safety: Construction Training Management System to you and the rest of the safety community.

If you need to provide OSHA 10-Hour or 30-Hour Training* to your employees, clients, or students to meet the training requirements of employers, unions, and various state and local jurisdictions--Mancomm's Essentials of Safety: Construction Training Management System is your stress-free solution. The Essentials of Safety product line has been field proven by training thousands of people nationwide so you can rest assured that your trainees will be receiving the best OSHA safety training available, period.

With Mancomm's EOS: Construction System you will have everything you need to conduct a 10-Hour or 30-Hour class right out of the box!

The following topics are covered in Mancomm's EOS: Construction 10-hr.

Volume I (252 pages):

• Module One - Introduction to OSHA
• Module Two - RegLogic CFR™
• Module Three - General Safety and Health
• Module Four - Focus Four Topic 1 - Fall Protection
• Module Five - Focus Four Topic 2 - Electrocution Hazards
• Module Six - Focus Four Topic 3 - Caught-in or-Between Hazards
• Module Seven - Focus Four Topic 4 - Struck-by Hazards
• Module Eight - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
• Module Nine - Health Hazards in Construction
• Module Ten - HazCom
• Module Eleven - Cranes and Derricks
• Module Twelve - Excavations
• Module Thirteen - Materials Handling and Storage
• Module Fourteen - Scaffolds
• Module Fifteen - Stairways and Ladders
• Module Sixteen - Tools
• Module Seventeen - Concrete and Masonry Construction
• Module Eighteen - Confined Space Entry
• Module Nineteen - Fire Protection and Prevention