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EOS Forklift Train-the-Trainer System: Trainee Package

by Mancomm
SKU: 60T-011-01
ISBN: 688550506755
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**Essentials of Safety: Forklift Trainer Package is required to purchase the EOS Forklift Trainee Package.

The highly anticipated and most complete OSHA Forklift Train-the-Trainer System in history is now complete and ready to ship immediately. After years of research, editing, designing, and review by construction industry experts, safety professionals, and academics alike, Mancomm is extremely proud to present the Essentials of Safety: Forklift Train-the-Trainer System to you and the rest of the safety community.

The following resources are included in Mancomm's Essentials of Safety: Forklift Trainee Package:

• Essentials of Safety: Trainee Workbook 
• Essentials of Safety: Training and Reference Guide

The following topics are covered in the EOS Training and Reference Guide:

• Module One - Introduction to OSHA
• Module Two - Forklift Scope
• Module Three - Forklift Management Controls
• Module Four - Forklift Alerts
• Module Five - Forklift Records
• Module Six - Forklift Training

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